Percity Update v1.3 – Decorate like a boss

You might have needed help in Dynasty business and found no one to help you, right? Here is a killer feature for those who want to notify their dynasty members to open their game and help. Just press the button and they will all receive a push notification on their phone. But use it with caution since you can not press it over and over …

And when you’re done with the business in your city, take a look at the sea and the port. We have new guests. Birds and fishes now live in your city and fly over it time to time.

And finally, we’ve added tons of new decorations. Decorate your city and show it off to your friends.

We have also fixed a few bugs here and there:
– Dynasty business reward fix
– Friendship and social club fixes
– Caravan orders are now balanced
– and a fix in Map visit for players with special names

Have fun and share your experience with percity


PerCity Update v1.2 – Better Dynasties

The new version of PerCity arrived with the following awesome features:

✍️ Added the ability to edit the dynasty description.
👥 Added the ability to increase the capacity of dynasty members up to 30!
💎 Changing the look of the diamond shop page.
🚀 Solved the problem with displaying the wrong goods in stock
✉️ Solved the problem of blank chat screens after sending a message or requesting a product
🎥 Better game camera
✅ Experience numbers are now displayed correctly in the ranking list.
⚠️ Added the message to find out if you’re not connected to the Internet.
🛠 Solve other minor problems …

Thank you for joining us こ
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